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Kind Words

Doula Services

"I can't thank you enough for being with me during one of the most significant events of my life!  You gave me the courage and confidence to try to have a natural birth, and during my labor you did so much to make the pain more bearable.  I don't know how I could have done it without you!  I can't tell you how much it means to me to have reached a goal I wanted so badly, but was afraid to strive for on my own."  Amy H. 


"Erica showed assertive patient care, was great with the patient and makes a wonderful doula."  Nurse comment


"My birth experience was wonderful, and i fell that everything Erica did helped me through it - even just having her there and knowing that her presense was strictly for helping and supporting me.  She was constantly suggesting different positions, and was very reassuring and gentle."  Kim L. 


"Wonderful!  Kind, calm presence." Doctor comment


"Erica is positive, open minded and works well with other personality types.  SHe has a wonderful personality, was subtle yet effective in including and working with my partner and the midwives to help me remain calm and have an ideal birth!"  Margaret T. 


"Having you at our birth was everything we needed and wanted out of a birth coach!  You are worth your weight in gold.  Your calming presence and advice was essential and so helpful for me to stay focused through each and every contraction."  Katy M. 


"I don't know what we would do without you, you were a God send!  From the very beginning of my pregnancy you put my mind at ease about having an unmedicated VBAC.  You laidback and realistic demeanor empowered me to get through those last few weeks and all those hours of labor.  I don't think I could have gotten throught those contractions without your quiet support and your running mix!"  Kelly S.


"Our Cocoon Birth doula, Erica Lundgren, was just fabulous. We knew the moment we met Erica that she was the perfect choice for the upcoming birth of our daughter. She seemed very caring and attentive to our vision for the perfect birth. Erica was always a pleasure to talk with and meet with, and she was very kind and patient with all of our questions. On the night I went into labor, we were in constant communication with Erica, who knew the perfect laboring position or the perfect thing to say at each point along the way. When Erica arrived at our home, she immediately went to work soothing my pain with a lower back rub. I don't recall a moment during labor when she was not right by my side. One of my favorite pictures from that night is Erica holding a straw in a cup of water for me as I labored in the tub. Despite my fast labor, Erica pulled double duty as my doula and as the photographer. There are moments photographed by Erica that would not have been caught otherwise (such as the moment literally when our daughter was being born), and I am so very grateful for these images. We highly recommend Erica, and we can't wait to have another baby just to have Erica be by our sides again!"  

Bonnie B.


Love from a Cocoon Birth client:  A love story

Placenta Enapsulation Services

"Very well executed service!  Seamless from start to finish.  I love that home delivery was an option since everythingwas upside down those first couple days after having our baby.  Thank you!" - Tara

"I was very pleased with the level of service and professionalism." - Shaina

"Erica was great to work with!  She had my capsules ready very quickly so I could start taking them right away.  I would highly recommend using her!" - Brittney

"I had a very positive experiene with Foothills Doula for placenta encapsulation.  She picked up the placenta right on time and my pills were ready within 2 days for pick up.  Professional work and I was highly satisfied." - Lisa

"Erica was extremely flexible and reliable, and went above and beyond in helping to coordinate our placenta pick up and capsule drop off.  Additionally, I absolutely LOVE the placenta print and cord keepsake that I received both times we worked with Erica." - Amber

"Erica was great!  She had a very speedy turnaround for my encapsulation, and even included a keepsake and a placenta print!  Very professional and I would definitely use her again and recommend her!" - Alyssa

"Erica is great.  She returned my encapsulated twin placentas promptly, and her work is meticulous.  She's responsive and communicative.  If I were having any more babies,  I would have her encapsulate those placentas too!" -Kelly

"My experience with Erica was excellent.  She responded quickly every time I contacted her.  The process was super simple, the turnaround time was fast, and the product was of excellent quality.  Erica encapsulated 2 of my placentas, and it's obvious that she takes great care in her work.  I will forever cherish the umbilical cord keepsakes she created."  - Hilary

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