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Placenta Services

Why Encapsulate?

​The placenta is an amazing organ created perfectly and specifically by you!  It has sustained your baby's life in utero, providing them with vital oxygen and nutrients. It has also been used as an herbal medicine by the Chinese to restore the body's Qi and balance the yin and yang after childbirth.  The placenta contains important hormones and proteins, and is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals that can be extremely helpful in your postpartum recovery.  The encapsulation process allows you to comfortably and tastelessly ingest a pill containing all of those beneficial nutrients.  Often, they are referred to by new mom's as "happy pills", because of the mood and energy boost they experience from taking them!

Reported Benefits

  • Preventing and treating the "baby blues" and mood fluctuations

  • A reduction in postpartum bleeding

  • Enhanced milk supply

  • Restored hormonal and nutrient balance

  • Increased energy while lessening fatigue and stress

  • A faster overall recovery

Placenta Encapsulation & Tinctures

​Ideally, your placenta is encapsulated as soon as possible after your birth, although if properly frozen, it may be processed up to 6 months postpartum.

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods, your placenta is gently cleaned, steamed, dehydrated and encapsulated.  The use of additional ingredients such as lemon and ginger are not considered TCM, so I choose not to use that method.  Depending on the size of your placenta, you can expect to receive 75-150 capsules on average.  A portion of your placenta may also be made into a tincture, where it is mixed with alcohol and allowed to steep for 6 weeks, creating a long lasting medicine that can be used for a variety of ailments for both mom and baby - some moms even keep it for use during menopause!

Placental Keepsakes

A placenta print and cord keepsake are complimentary with my encapsulation services.  Prints are made by pressing the placenta onto art paper before the encapsulation process.  Often said to resemble the "tree of life", these prints are a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your unique placenta.  I will also dry your babies umbilical cord for you to keep.

Encapsulation Services

I believe strongly in the benefits of placenta encapsulation for postpartum recovery, and have seen first-hand how it has been a positive and beneficial healing experience for many of my clients.

I am one of the most experienced specialists in the area having encapsulated hundreds of placentas over my 10 years of practicing, and am extremely confident in my process and safety measures.  I was originally trained locally by 2 of our area's most knowledgeable encapsulation specialists, with an emphasis on the history and benefits of Chinese placental medicine as well as how to safely and effectively encapsulate.  I follow strict guidelines set by OSHA and the EPA regarding safe handling, sanitation, and Bloodborne Pathogens.


I have a dedicated encapsulation space in my home, and pride myself in my quick turn-around time and safety precautions.  Your safety, as well as my own families safety, is my highest concern.   I only encapsulate 1 placenta at a time, so there is never any doubt that your placenta could be mixed up with someone else.  

Although my usual turn around time is about 24 hours, please allow up to 2-3 days for delivery of your placenta pills in the event that I am at a birth or already have an encapsulation in progress.


Contact me or use the "Book Online" link in the menu today to book your encapsulation!


Payment is due by the time I receive your placenta.  If you choose to pay in advance, your payment if fully refundable should you for any reason be unable to encapsulate.  Delivery charges are based on mileage, please contact me for details.

​Placenta Encapsulation: $175

Pick Up & Delivery: $25+/each way (based on mileage)

Tinctures (4 oz.): $30/ea

*Repeat clients receive $25 off their encapsulation - thank you!



placenta encapsulation
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